Peter Diefenbach's Poems

(Parody; May 1995)

Soul Rhythm

A text for a beat-oriented song. Intended as parody on Eurodance techno, but I fear that Eurodance already is a self-parody that cannot be topped.

(Female refain, sung:)
Move your feet to the rhythm of your soul
Make extasy your final goal
Let there be nothing else tonight
But rhythm and light

(Male refain, rapped:)
This is the way to loose control
This is more than rock and roll
This is the way to stomp your feet
This is the base drum – neat

(Strophe, rapped:)
Listen to the music, lose your mind
Leave your sorrows all behind
the dullness of this primitive dance
And get in your eyes this faraway glance


Let there be light show said the DJ
And he saw everything was OK
Now he leads you to paradise
Of the base drum – hype


Come into the darkness, step into the light
Leave the silence, do what you like
This is what you do, This is your way
Of hopping all your brain away


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