(Politik; 29. Jul 2023)

Hey (Get Out Of My Way)

Nach vielen eher ruhigen Kompositionen wollte ich mal ein beat-orientiertes Lied. Und eine abendliche Diskussion mit einem Mit-Musiker lieferte mir den Anlass für den Text.

| Download: Hey (Get Out Of My Way) (instrumental) ( mit Gitarre gespielt von Harald )
Gsus2/AGet out of my Am7way
Gsus2/ALet me Am7run onto the street
Gsus2/AWith my Am7own two feet
Gsus2/AWith my Am7peers I must meet
Gsus2/AWe must Am7march to the beat
Gsus2/AOf Am7life Gsus2/A
A1(m)Humanity's endangered
By A1(m)silliness and greed
To D1(m)change old behaviors E1(m)
A1(m)Is no easy treat
We need to A1(m)change our way of life
To ensure du-A1(m)ration of human life
At A1(m)all →A5(m)
A5(m)Why are you so stubborn G5
Where F5do you take the right D5(m)
To A5(m)own and waste so much of it G5
By F5heating, eating, flight D5(m)
When the F5poorer cannot bear any more
They might F5come and run all over you door
To E5(sus4)live
A5(m)When you think of people as things G5
And F5you take them their rights D5(m)
That's A5(m)where you lost humanity G5
How F5can you sleep at nights D5(m)
No F5matter how far, what color they have, beliefs and gender too,
They should E5(sus4)simply be able to have a life like you
A   Dm/A   A   G/A   (2x)
Our planet has its limits
So we must stop to grow
If we want to still have better lives
Then we must learn to be less
Past has shown that the peaceful path is
Stable minimum wealth, stable medical support, basic social welfare, and women's rights on birth control. Simply killing people or letting them die is no durable solution.

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