Private Life

You want to know more about my profession?  Then this way please.

On this page you get more insight on my hobbies, interests, philososphy, and what else makes a human being.



Since I managed to get access to a computer in the 1980s, programming fascinated me. My career lead me to a state where I barely write code myself, but I miss the fun.
 Role playing games
Mainly in the 1990s I loved playing role playing games following the ruleset of Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) or Plüsch, Power and Plunder (PP&P) (two German game systems). In that time I created some tools, adventure scripts, and other material.
If time permits, I switch my keyboard to the one with black and white keys and play some music. But I prefer composing or improvising to playing by notes.
Since 2022 I'm playing keyboard in the party cover band Hörwerk.
Sometimes I have the urge to play with language and write poems. Or  the computer writes them for me.
I love cooking and baking as much as eating.
I'm a bookworm. Especially for fantasy and witty humor I fall. From Terry Pratchett I got both, and for humor I regularly read Erich Kästner, Robert Gernhard, Ringelnatz or Heinrich Heine. Some fan pages or publicly available books you can find on my  bookmarks page.
Not much. However, I like dancing (standard and latin), sailing, swimming, windsurfing, bicycling, hiking and yoga. And during universities the defensive martial arts Kijutsu and Aikido linked my mind and body.

About me

A timeline containing pictures of me.
A collection of quotations about me, from me, or from someone near me. Besides those, I collected  a longer list of quotations from many sources.
Web content I find useful or funny.
I spent my youth in Eastfriesland, there I learned to love the coast.
When internet was young, I used internet relay chat protocol. The folks enganged there also met personally, and I joined the relay parties in Karlsruhe winter 1992, Aachen II winter 1993, Stuttgart winter 1994 and Münster spring 1995. Some of my net acquaintances are from that time, and sometimes friendship emerged. From that time in IRC I got my nickname  BärTiger.