The arcade classic.

How to start the program

  1. You need a Java Runtime Environment on your computer. The easiest way is to get it from There you can also check if you already have it installed.
  2. Download the program Pacman.
  3. Start it by double-clicking the downloaded file.

A word to the programmers among you

If you want, you can download the source code.

This project started as exercise, to apply elements of test-driven development on practicability, and to see if some parts of the project could be used as katas.

Feel free to use the files in your own projects, as long as you name me and all other contributors to the files you took in use from me.
If you apply changes to my files, please inform me of the result, maybe there are more interested in your improvements.

Other Implementations

There is also a  web implementation.

And here's the manual:


The arcade classic.

Table of Content


Steer your pacman to eat all little dots. Beware of the ghosts. Unless you eat a pill—then it's your turn to hunt the ghosts.

The Menu


Actions dealing with the whole game.


Exits the current game and starts a new one.


Switches the language for the whole program.

  Deutsch (Deutschland)

  English (United States)


Quits the program.



Pauses or resumes the game.

  Event sounds on/off

Turns sounds on or off.


Some information about the program.


Displays some help about this program.

  About PacMan...

Displays information about this program.

During the game

You can use the following input methods (besides the menu options) during the game.

Keyboard Actions

Action Key

Start a new game

When you start a new game, you can select which levels you want to play.

Level set

Chooses the set of levels to play.


The level to start with