Programming Examples

Since I managed to get access to a computer in the 1980s, programming fascinated me. My career lead me to a state where I barely write code myself, but I miss the fun. So here's what I wrote and still maintain as a hobby.

A jump&run puzzler. Implemented as:
 Troff app
A retro action game
 Empire app
A turn-based military strategic game
 Conquest app
An easy round-based strategic board game.
The arcade classic. Implemented as:
 Deinbac app

A simulation framework for the following simulations:

  • Deinbac—an evolutionary simulation
  • Conway's game of life—a cellular automaton
 The Dark Eye tool
A role playing game master tool. Implemented as:
 German Poems web
An aleatoric German poem generator
In the 1980s my brother and I explored the world of home computers and programmed some games and tools for Atari 8bit. Thanks to emulators it still runs.