The arcade classic. Goal is to munch through the labyrinths without being eaten by the opponents.

This game needs JavaScript, so please allow JavaScript to execute in your browser. Alternatively, try one of the other implementations.

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Steer your pacman to eat all little dots. Beware of the ghosts. Unless you eat a pill—then it's your turn to hunt the ghosts.


Action Key Mouse
Left CURSOR LEFT or a or NUMPAD 4 Click in the left part of the labyrinth
Right CURSOR RIGHT or d or NUMPAD 6 Click in the right part of the labyrinth
Up CURSOR UP or w or NUMPAD 8 Click in the upper part of the labyrinth
Down CURSOR DOWN or s or NUMPAD 2 Click in the lower part of the labyrinth
Pause/resume PAUSE  


Control Action
Focus Shows or hides everything but the playfield and controls. Hiding is useful to avoid unintended scrolling away on small screens.
Size Set the size of the playfield. Useful to adapt to your screen size.
Pause Pauses or resumes the game.
Sound Sound on/off.
New game Quits the current game and starts a new one. You can select the level the game shall start with before starting the game.

Other Implementations

There is also a  Java implementation of this game. In fact, that was first, before I ported it to HTML5.