A jump&run puzzler written by me and my brother Alexander that we wrote initially 1986 for  8-bit Atari home computers. Now ported to HTML5.

This game needs JavaScript, so please allow JavaScript to execute in your browser. Alternatively, try one of the other implementations.

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A jump&run—ahem, nearly, because our hero only wants to jump. But exactly that makes it a real puzzler for 1 player. With 20 Levels, and a level editor will follow soon. Many thanks to Andreas Koch, who created another set of 30 levels.

Table of Content


Lead the young playful tom cat to his playmate. Collect some flowers on his way, or she will reject him. In his high-spirits tom cat doesn't want to run, but only jump. Springs bring him up. Hurdles and falling deep make him lose a cat's life; same if his playmate rejects him or the time is up. And to make matters worse, the greedy microflicros (small flying crocodiles) are out for prey.

Another tip: You may maneuver the tomcat in situations where you want to give up a cat's life and re-start the level.


Action Key Mouse
Turn left CURSOR LEFT or a or NUMPAD 4 Click in the left part of the labyrinth
Turn right CURSOR RIGHT or d or NUMPAD 6 Click in the right part of the labyrinth
Huge jump in chosen direction CURSOR UP or w or NUMPAD 8 Click in the upper part of the labyrinth
Small jump in chosen direction CURSOR DOWN or s or NUMPAD 2 Click in the lower part of the labyrinth
Turn left and do huge jump NUMPAD 7 -
Turn right and do huge jump NUMPAD 9 -
Turn left and do small jump NUMPAD 1 -
Turn right and do small jump NUMPAD 3 -
Pause/resume PAUSE  


Control Action
Focus Shows or hides everything but the playfield and controls. Hiding is useful to avoid unintended scrolling away on small screens.
Size Set the size of the playfield. Useful to adapt to your screen size.
Pause Pauses or resumes the game.
Sound Turns event-specific sounds on or off.
Modern graphics Switches between original and modern graphics.
Exit game Exits the current game and shows the title screen.
Re-start level Tom cat loses a cat's life and re-starts the level.
Start new game Exits the current game and starts a new one.

Start a new game

When you start a new game, you can select which levels you want to play.


The game leads through those levels


Starting level within the level set

The screen content

This section describes what you see on the screen while playing.

Above the level


The number of points you already achieved through all the levels you played. You get points for collecting flowers and for finishing a level well in time.

Number of cat's lifes

The number of white cats in the upper right corner shows the number of cat's lifes you have left.


The number of flowers you have still to collect this level to appease your playmate.


The number of time slices (of roughly 5 seconds) you have left to finish this level.

Below the level


The levels in a level set are numbered. Here you see the number and the name of the level.

The level itself


The protagonist you control.


When you reach the playmate with enough flowers collected, you have succeeded the level. If not, you lose one cat's life.


An impediment.


An impediment.




When you jump onto a hurdle, you will lose a cat's life.


Brings you up.


A small flying crocodile, out for prey. Don't let it catch you, or you will lose a cat's life.

Other Implementations

There is also a  Java implementation of this game, and the original game for  8-bit Atari home computers.