(Philosophy / Beliefs; 23 Nov 1993)


Two Jehova's Witnesses called me a doubter, and I really saw this as a compliment.

doubt doubt
nothing is for sure
doubt doubt
everything is insecure
i know it sounds strange
but doubt gives me strength
i'm a doubter
principal doubter
only believe in disbelief
what is objectivity if not doubt
have your faith in doubt
read some popper books and follow my religion
of doubt
doubt doubt
there is no doubt about (it)
doubt doubt
say it loudly
cry it out
i am no witness
not of jehova nor any crime
whatever you bless
i don't give it a dime
if you read a dollar sign
don't think of money every time
share what you know
but share my doubts
where do you take your faith in faith?
doubt doubt
doubt doubt
dare to doubt
it's no dare or die
doubt doubt
discover the lie
doubt doubt
don't dread to doubt
dubious dogmas
deject demagoguery
just doubt

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